Prices are starting prices when booking by phone or email directly from the hostel.

Rights to changes in prices are reserved. Cancellation is free of charge when it’s done at least two days before the date of arrival. Beds in dormitories are only sold between June 1st and August 31st. During the summer, the reception is open daily from 4PM until 10PM. During winter accommodation must be arranged beforehand.

Dormitory (Unisex, available between June 1st and August 31st)11,00€
Normal room (shared kitchen and bathrooms)1 pers.30,00€
2 pers.40,00€
3 pers.50,00€
4 pers.60,00€
Room with own kitchen and toilet1 pers.40,00€
2 pers.50,00€
3 pers.60,00€
Extra bednight10,00€
Bed sheetsset6,00€
Accommodation outside of opening hours (16pm-21pm)reservation15,00€